Kandela Mi Son

WHEN: 22-08-2014

A brand new project founded by veteran composer and singer,Ednar ‘Picki’ Landa. Having grown up in Santiago De Cuba, Picki started his love of music at an early age. He learned his trade with the best in Cubas highly reputable music schools and has been playijng in bands all of his life. In Santiago De Cuba he led ‘Septeto Contemporaneo’, one of the most energetic bands in the region. He travelled all around the world with his band and has done many residencies over the years in Floridita London.
Now that he is living in the UK, Picki has chosen some of the finest Cuban musicians, including some of Septeto Contemporaneos previous members. ‘Kandela mi Son’ represents the best in Cuban music. Starting with a traditional septeto format but giving every song a very contemporary twist, this band is ready to take the world by storm.



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